Vote For Ralph
It was love at first sight. Our family had lost our very first rescue a year prior and we were finally ready to start searching for our next love when we came across a picture of Ralph on Petfinder. We were in Virginia and he was in Ohio, but that couldn't keep us apart. We filled out an adoption application and waited to hear back. When we didn't hear back, we were crushed and made a last attempt to contact the rescue. Thank goodness we did; he almost ended up with the circus, no joke! When we arrived at the rescue, Ralph was so terrified of the world, he seemed paralyzed. It took us nine hours to make it back home and when we arrived, he refused to walk into the house. The poor fellow had parasites and worms and was infested with fleas; no wonder he was feeling so lousy. After many visits to the vet and slowly as he began to trust us, he began walking, then running (boy can he run!), then fetching and playing. Ralph got lucky, but we won the jackpot!



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