Khaleesi, Orlando

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This is our beautiful rescue girl, Khaleesi. One day I saw a photo of a dog at OCAS that was going to be put down in a week due to overpopulation. When I saw it, I knew I needed to go and save her. It was love at first sight. The original picture I saw of her was where she was found, in a dumpster, yes in the garbage. She weighed 36 lbs and was emaciated. I cried when I saw her picture and when my boyfriend and I went to go meet her, we both started bawling. She was so tiny and frail but still, you could tell the only thing she wanted was love. She was shy but kept coming up and licking us as if saying "please save me". Once she came home, we renamed her Khaleesi, from Game of Thrones. On GOT, Khaleesi is a strong female who is "reborn" from ashes and we knew our Khaleesi was going to be reborn as well. Today, Khaleesi is 65 lbs, healthy, active and happy. She is the greatest blessing in our lives and we're all so lucky to have found each other.



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