Cooper , Greensboro

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Coopers owners purchased him from a breeder, at 4 months decided he was too much to handle and placed him in a backyard pen that was too small. When he begin to climb from his pen they chained him inside the pen. Sadly this did not keep him from climbing, he wanted to be with his people. One day he climb his pen and became entangled in the chain by his rear leg and his throat. Thankfully the neighbor found him in time and called Animal Control. As a shelter volunteer for 18 years and good friends with our shelter director I said that we were looking for another Lab to spend time with on our boat as our 10 yr old lab doesn't like it. She said, I just got one in, he is my foster, but you can adopt him. I said, he must like water. She brought him by that afternoon on her way to the store so we could meet him. He jumped from her car and into our goldfish pond. He's been my best friend and constant companion since that day. I can't imagine a day without him by my side.



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