Vote For Penny
We are from Minnesota, and happened to be browsing pet finder. A shelter from Michigan popped up with what they called a "golden retriever dachshund mix" about 6mos old. Penny was cute as a button, and I knew she would be coming home with us.I called the shelter the next day and two days later was making a 12 hour drive to go and pick her up.Animal control for the area had found her walking along the side of a road (which is how she ended up at the shelter to begin with) who couldn't love that face; we paid, and home to Minnesota we went, driving through 70mile an hour winds, and large amounts or rain causing us to pull over and wait for the storm to pass it was around a 15 hr. drive back. a flea bath ands lots of hugs and kisses. its been 3 years and our Penny is the spoiled princess of the house and is very much loved. They say we rescued her,but really she rescued us and made our family complete.



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