Ruby, Hoffman Estates

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A puppy named Desiree was surrendered to a humane society with her 10 brothers and sisters when they were just a few weeks old after their mom was hit by a car. When the shelter received them they all had to be bathed treated for fleas, because their owners weren't able to care for so many puppies! The humane society wasn't able to keep them for long either, and luckily Hope Pet Rescue knew they could help find these puppies clean, warm, loving homes. They posted pictures of each puppy on PetFinder, and when we saw little Diamond's picture (that was her name then!) we couldn't resist. 3 days later we showed up at the PetSmart the minute their adoption event opened so we could claim Diamond and take her home with us as soon as possible. The moment I picked her up, I knew I would love her forever. While she is as precious as a diamond, we named her Ruby because it better suited her spunky spirit. She was 7 weeks old when we brought her home, and has been a part of our family ever since!



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