Pauly, Elk Grove Village

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Pauly was saved from a kill shelter in Texas along with his brother Rio. Their "time was up". Thanks to this outstanding organization they saved my Pauly Poo. I had lost my beagle baby about 6 months prior. Although she was was sudden. She was running around like a puppy one day, not eating the next day, and gone 2 days later. Words cannot describe the emptiness I felt since losing her. My heart was broken. I had gotten her when I was 20 years old, when I myself was a baby. I had gotten her from a pet store. This was before very few if any pet stores were exposed for what they truly were. Once stories started slowly coming out about pet stores and their link to puppy mills, I vowed that my next furry love would be a rescue. And so he was. My husband and I kind of stumbled upon Pauly. The second we saw him at the local adoption fair...we knew he was ours. Fate. He has been such a needed addition to our lives. Our next reunite him with his brother. I can't wait :)



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