Daisy, Ithaca

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Hi! My name is Daisy & this is a picture of me the very first day I met my momma. I was born in Michigan in the harshest of winters. Animal control found me outside, playing by myself in some water under a bridge when I was just a couple weeks old. Cold & alone, I had to learn how to defend myself as just a tiny baby. (That's how I got the scar on my snout.) My next stop was the shelter. My momma came to my shelter to walk the dogs, & when I came bustling out the door, tail wagging & huge smile on my little face, I saw my momma's smile & knew it was love at first sight for the both of us. We went outside & played for hours. Even though we just met, we snuggled & played like best friends. My momma was't allowed to take me home that day, but she loved me so much already that she couldn't chance us not ending up together, so she slept in her car at the shelter so she would be there the second the shelter opened in the morning, & we could go home together. Now we both have our bestfriend



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