Luna, San Diego

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Luna loved exploring her small town. She and her sister would slip out of open gates, spring over fences, and wriggle through tunnels to get out of their backyard and smell every tree and telephone pole. Sometimes, animal control officers would find them and take them back to the animal shelter so they would be safe until their owner could pick them up. But one day, their owner didn’t show up to take them back home. There weren’t enough people who wanted to adopt big, black dogs in their town, so the shelter thought they might not ever find new homes and nearly put them down. Luckily, a rescue group thought that they could find homes for Luna and her sister just a few hours away in a big city called San Diego. Luna and her sister lived in a foster home until a mom, dad, and their little girl fell in love with her and adopted her. It was sad for Luna to say goodbye to her sister, but they are both very happy to have families who love them very much! Let’s get more black pets adopted!



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