Iris (formerly known as darla, josie, and cassie), Coral springs

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Cassie lived as an outdoor dog in her owner's yard. She was known in the neighborhood because she oftern escaped the fence looking for food and attention. During one of her adventures,she was hit by a car and her owners simply left her in the yard without treating her head injury. Luckily a neighbor, saddened by cassie's situation removed her and turned her over to Grateful Paws Rescue where she was able to have a surgery to address her injury. She lost her left eye because of the injury having gone untreated. She was renamed Josie after the good samaritan who took her from the yard and then named Cassie by her foster mom. I saw her on GP website and had to meet her. I learned that she had been displayed at 4 adoption events and while people thought she was cute and sweet, no one wanted to give her a second chance at a forever home. I took her home and named her Iris, the only name she's ever known and answered to. She finally has her forever home with me :)



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