Sarge, Carrolton

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I knew I wanted another dog finally after nearly two years from my dog Belle's passing- I'd had Belle since she was a puppy, from a petstore- I picked her out at the age of three, not knowing how pet store puppies were obtained most of the time and how wonderful a shelter dog could be. So I found myself browsing for months in secret since my mother did not want another dog in the house yet. I found several that were cute, but none that tugged at my heart strings. Until I came across Sarge- with his one lop ear and scared expression I felt my heart melt into a little paw print shaped puddle. I knew he was the one. A Sweedish Danish Farmdog- he was perfect. My mother was out of state at the time and I begged my father to take me to Operation Kindness just one town over so I could 'Just see him in person'. Just to meet him- to play with dogs, just to look. I promised. Well I'm happy to say that was a promise I broke.



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