Olive, Los Angeles

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Olive was rescued from Wags & Walks on June 9, 2013. They picked her up from the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter after she was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles. Little is know about her previous life... She spent the summer learning to love again and she began taking a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) focused obedience class with the intention of later becoming a therapy dog. That August she passed the exam! As a therapy dog, Olive primarily works at a therapeutic day-program for children with mental health concerns. She helps calm their anxieties to make academic work more manageable and gives them something to look forward to! The students light up around her and many have been more responsive to staff since she started working at the program. Olive's success in her work speaks to the wonderful innate affection animals are capable of. She's an ambassador for all rescue pups, proving that they aren't damaged or undesirable, as the fallacies warn.



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