Peppy , Newaygo

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I have been volunteering for Lake Haven for almost 8 years. I am now 18 and last winter I adopted my first dog. I have always wanted a dog ever since I can remember. My parents felt bad that I wanted a dog so bad so they started to let me foster after I volunteered for 2 years. We already had a cat from Lake Haven and they thought a dog would be too much. I fostered around 30 animals (dogs, cats, kittens, and mostly puppies) before I met Peppy. I met her at one of our PetsMart adoption days. She is a small Staffordshire Bull Terrier and I fell in love immediately. She was rescued from the local county animal and I don't like to think of what her fate could have been if our director didn't save her. She was already set up for another foster but I took her home to foster anyway and told my parents that she was staying for one night. We have had her for almost 10 months now. I am also the photographer for the rescue so please enjoy this picture of my best friend.



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