TINY, Muskogee

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Tiny is 10 years old. She was brought in with her 3 puppies to the animal shelter in Muskogee. Muskogee Shelter does a good job, but they do have to euthanize animals. Muskogee heart-sticks them as the euthanasia drugs are more expensive. The people that relinquished her said, "She won't quit having puppies". PLEASE SPAY/NEUTER. It's an EASY SOLUTION. Tiny waited and waited until Proud To Be a Rescue Dog pulled her right before they were going to kill her. She waited and waited again and then was finally lucky enough to find a foster home . She was at a Petco adoption event when Heather with P2BaRD put her in my arms. She is my soul dog. She is my heart. She is constantly at my side. Good day or bad, she always makes it better. Please consider an older dog or a black dog. They get looked over a lot and they are the most fabulous companions you will ever love!



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