Rocky , West Seneca

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In the picture Rocky is on the left and Layla is on the right. I had tried for months to find the perfect companion for my other small dog, this was going to be my last attempt at getting another dog until spring. When I saw him on the computer he was the cutest little puppy. When I finally got to meet him he was very shy and wouldn't come out of his cage, I instantly knew I was in love with him and that he was perfect. The only obstacle that stood in our way was how he would act with the other love of my life Layla. I was nervous that this wouldn't work out and I would have to wait until spring to get another little friend. When we finally got the two together their magical friendship took off. They are inseparable and will not leave each other’s side. When Layla leaves to go somewhere Rocky will howl and frantically look for her until he sees her again. Our little guy has come a long way from a scared shelter dog with bad dandruff.



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