Bingo, Atlanta

Vote For Bingo
I went to the shelter looking for a German Shepherd. I had done my research on petfinder and pulled the pictures including shelter ID#s. When I walked in, I sadly realized they hadn't updated their information on the site in quite awhile. I did find the puppy on list, I was excited!!! I realized there was a talkative lil guy in the cage next to her. The date on his cage showed that he had been there for 4 months. When I asked why because I knew puppies were usually the first to go; they told me that he had an ear infection and he was kept in back to be treated. Unfortunately, his "end date" was posted. "There's no way!!!" 9yrs later and living it up to the fullest. I had my heart set on a German Shepherd, but I won't change a thing. I love my mutt...Bingo. Such personality, he loves Starbucks pound cake, strawberries, mangoes, and doggy ice cream (has to be served w/ his spoon).



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