Molly, Melrose

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Molly and her siblings were abandoned by her puppy mom when she was only a few days old. She was rescued by a volunteer at Puppy Hill Farm. They bottle fed Molly until she was old enough to drink and eat from a bowl. She was about eight weeks old when I found her. It was an instance connection. This sweet, sleepy puppy had such a rough life, and she was one of the last ones left from her litter. I went home without her wondering if I could take care of a puppy. After a sleepless night and struggling with my decision, I decided she needed to become apart of my family. I went the next morning and she was still there! I brought her home. She slept the whole ride, curled up in my mom's arms. We walked through the door and introduced her to her new family. She was so excited and so happy, she left a puddle in the kitchen! She's two now, and she still greets us with excitement and kisses when we walk in the door.



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