Fred, Taylorsville

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I live in Minnesota, but I grew up in Utah. While visiting family in the year of 2011, my family of three had another dog named Clessie that on the first night there, got out of my dads backyard, and ended up missing. Heartbroken and distraught we spent the next week going from different shelters looking for Clessie. Even driving around and asking people if they had seen him. We even extended our stay a couple of days just to keep looking for him in hopes that he would turn up at a local shelter. Cue our last day in Utah. After looking through PetFinder and seeing recently added adoptable dogs, we decided to make a visit to the local shelter in Taylorsville. We had wanted to adopt a different dog, but after meeting Fred, we all knew he was ours. His tags were from Nebraska, and he was found at a nearby truck stop. Poor guy was left behind. We have no idea why. He is amazing and oh-so-lovable. He now has run of the couch and loves to play fetch and tug of war. He is family.



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