Layla, Lexington Park

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For years I have wanted to open a hospice house for old dogs - a place where they can live out the remaining gold in their golden years. Realizing the investment of such a dream, I decided to launch a rescue group for senior dogs that places pets in loving homes AND supports the rescuers who take in and love these old souls. Our first rescue occurred in August - Layla - a 12 year 10 month old Boxer. Layla has a beautiful grey face, wobbly legs and weak hips, skin tags galore, and other unique traits that come with a senior pet. Despite her physical signs of age, she has an inner beauty and love for life which is infectious! She reminds us to age gracefully. She shows her youthful spirit through her love of children. She reinforces our decision to start Sugar Faces Senior Dog Rescue and to advocate for the rescue of old dogs. Layla, our rescue #1, is our poster pup for our new rescue group. She is proof that oldies are goodies.



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