Penny, Newaygo

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As a key volunteer with Lake Haven, I search other shelters for animals that we can pull and Penny immediately jumped out at me. As an avid GSD lover, when I saw Penny's picture, I immediately knew we had to help her. You see, her previous owner was a drug dealer. He was arrested and Penny was taken to Saginaw County Shelter and was held as evidence. This means that she only got food and water, no medical attention and no social interaction. Her history was being tied to a tree, and sometimes, if it rained, she would be put in a damp Michigan cellar in a crate with no bottom, no blankies and a filing cabinet as a top. Information also presented to us was her owner was going to breed her and sell her puppies, as he did with Penny's sister. Fortunatley, he signed off on her and Lake Haven was able to pull her. She arrived unspayed, with kennel cough, and was not up-to-date on any vaccines. Penny rescued me. She is the sweetest and smartest dog and knows she is finally home.



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