Batman, San Jose

Vote For Batman
A rescue group in the Bay Area focuses on Taiwanese dogs. Their scout found a box of 20 puppies for a $1. They had the funds to bring them to California, but did not have enough foster homes. C.A.R.E stepped in to help. Batman, who was named for his black mask, and ears, was given an aviator jacket, a crate, and an airplane ticket. At his foster mom's he lived with other dogs, and cats but was still confused by his new life. Looking to add a dog to our new home I began perusing Reading about how smart, yet shy Batman was I knew we had the time to help him. The night we picked him up he barely looked at us. As soon as we got home though he began doing zoomies. He immediately came out of his shell, and we learned we had a curly tail! He definitely had an accent though. It took a bit for him to understand the local dogs, and vice versa. Batman has grown into a very smart, and well loved fur-kid, & grand-dog. He loves traveling, hiking, al fresco dining, and Nylabones.



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