Vote For Mokie
The very day that my 15 year and 7 month year old Wheaten, Razzi, passed away I received an email from the founder of Wheatens In Need and the North East volunteer and rescue coordinator, Rob Horgan. Rob had become a close friend and confidante over the previous few months of Razzi's life largely on Facebook, emails, and text messages. They told me they received a call about an 11 week old pup who's owner wanted to turn him over to rescue. They said I could have up to a week to think about it, but knowing how well I took care of Razzi, they couldn't think of a better person to rescue this pup from his situation. I was heartbroken and elated and excited at the same time. The pup was turned over the next day and was in. Foster home in NJ while I gathered my thoughts, mourned Razzi, and prepped my apartment for a puppy. Just 9 days later my mom and I went to NJ to pick up the 12 week pup, who I decided would be named "Mokie." I know in my heart that Razzi arranged it all.



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