Nana, Tampa

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My (then) boyfriend and I were moving in together to a house with a HUGE fenced in back yard. Both of us thought that it would be a crime to not give this great excersize space to a pup in need. The storms of 2011 brought a lot of puppies to the Tampa Humane Society and we thought we would go visit. We saw a hound puppy named Magnolia who seemed so scared but so sweet and we had to play with her. The minute she was out of her crate, Peter and I fell in love. We immediately called our new landlord to let him know that we needed to pay him the pet deposit. We signed all the paperwork and our sweet, nervous girl got her new name of Nana. Unlike her namesake, she doesn't take care of any kids (yet) but her sweet and gentle disposition certainly lends her to it.



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