Ruckus J. Pigglesworth , Butte

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Ruckus and his litter were found abandoned in a box. He came in the biggest of the bunch. Shortly after they arrived at the shelter, one of his sisters passed away, and they quarantined the litter to make sure the rest of them were healthy. I had was signed up to take in one of the litter, and during this time, I drove an hour to the shelter to meet them. Although they all looked very similar, Ruckus stood out. He was obviously sad, and had eaten very little since he'd arrived. His sisters were running and jumping and playing, while he just sat there, looking like he needed a hug, and barking whenever the other girls came too close to me. Once they were deemed adoptable, I drove back as fast as I could and picked up the boy who stole my heart. He grew to be twice the size that they expected, but his personality is still the same. He is both the most sensitive scaredy cat I have ever met, as well as my toughest protector. Together we have traveled, loved, and lived happily ever after!



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