Daxter, Watertown

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Daxter, previously named Gunner, was found by my husband's grandma in Watertown, SD. We had been looking for a Rescue Weimaraner and his grandma called us to let us know she found him. We couldn't help but adopt him as soon as we saw him. Daxter came from a home where his previous owners hurt him not only by hitting but abuse of a shock collar. When we found Daxter, he had scabs to the neck as well as little hair growing due to the abuse. He had spots due to malnutrition. We adopted Dax in June, and 3 months later he continues to wrap us around his paws. We shower him with love as evidenced by his little tail wagging constantly as well as his oh-so-often licks to our faces. He receives BarkBox once a month and loves apples and peanut butter but not together! Dax is 16 months old and we cannot wait to celebrate many birthdays with him!



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