Vote For Chip
We adopted Chip this past winter from a shelter down in North Carolina. We saw him on Petfinder and immediately fell in love and knew we needed to have him. We found out he had been abused in his past home, and was eventually taken by the police following a major drug bust in his home. He then went from kill shelter to kill shelter before being taken in by a foster family through Save A Mutt Kennel. We had him transported up to New York and it turns out he had mange, kennel cough, a parasite, and slowly began losing the majority of his fur. We lived at the vets office for the first few months we had him, finding out all new illnesses that he had. Because he was so sick he would barely eat, so I spoon fed him day after day. He was scared of all people and would go into attack mode whenever someone came close. He slowly overcame his illnesses and we have been working very hard to help him with his anxiety of strangers. We are so glad we have our Chip and can't imagine life without him!!



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