Frampton, Phoenix

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Frampton was turned in as a stray at an Arizona shelter when he was only 6 months old. He was completely pink and had almost no fur due to one of the most severe cases of mange the shelter and vets had ever seen. He was listed as unadoptable due to his illness and scheduled to be euthanized. Rockstar Rescue pulled him from the "E" list and began his medical rehabilitation. Frampton's outside time was limited due to his raw skin in the Arizona sun, plus he didn't really feel much like playing outside anyway. He was in rescue for a few months and slowly his mange went away and his fur began to grow back in. By this time he had won the heart of a volunteer for Rockstar and he was adopted into a family of Golden Retriever dogs, four to be exact. Frampton suffers minor neurological issues due to the high doses of medications needed to treat his condition but he continues to learn and grow and becomes more and more of an inspiration to the meaning behind "rescue".



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