Xander, Brooklyn

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Xander (formally known as Marley) was found in a box in someone's backyard in Staten Island. He was found right before Hurrican Sandy hit and ended up at the SI ACC. From there he made his way to Sean Casey Animal Rescue. I am a volunteer there so the staff knew i was interested in a dog and thought of me when then Marley arrived. It was the weekend after Sandy hit when i walked over to see him. I was a little nervous, i've never had a dog on my own. But once i held him close to me and he snuggled his face into my neck, there was no turning back!! Xander has become the best decision i ever made. He is a playful, funny, cuddle monster of a puppy. I still volunteer with SCAR and most times Xander is right next to me. He is the puppy in the kissing booth at their Howloween Bark Block Party. And he has on occasion sat with me and sells tshirts at adoption events. EVERYONE just loves him. And so do I!!!



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