Zoey, Seattle

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My initial thought had been to adopt an older, calmer dog. I found Zoey at Homeward Pet, but since she had been rescued just two days before, I wasn’t actually able to play with her. After Homeward Pet, I went to 5 different shelters. After seeing her, every shelter I went to, I compared other dogs to her. So I went back to Homeward Pet. Since she hadn't been spayed yet, I had to wait a couple days. So, on Halloween 2012, when the center opened at noon, I was already in their parking lot. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. While Zoey has calmed down (she's now 2.5 years old), I've learned a lot. She was not an easy puppy to start out with! She was very unfriendly to dogs and ate everything in front of her (in the first 6 months she ate a screw, a wild mushroom, too many chestnuts, a decaying bird and the resulting IV tube, and more gum than I care to know). Close to two years later, I’m happy to report that she now has doggy friends and is an expert at Leave it!



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