Samantha, Tulsa

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Samantha, originally Rachel, was taken to the Tulsa Animal Welfare shelter. Her story before that is unknown. My husband and I decided to go to the shelter for my birthday, not intending to get a pet, but to just show some of these dogs attention. We went down every row of cages talking and getting to eye level with every dog there. We came to the last few kennels, Samantha caught my eye, she was skinny, and just sat and looked at us with those sad eyes. We gave her the same attention we would any other dog, except when we went to walk away she whinned, she didn't want us to, that's when we made the decision to adopt her. The next day we were up at that shelter doing paper work to bring this baby home. She's been a blessing to us, and a perfect member of this home. Looking at her you would never think she spent 3 weeks at a cold lonely shelter. We didn't save her, she saved us.



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