Woodstock, Auburn

Vote For Woodstock
I rescued Woodstock in 2010. He stole my heart the second I saw him. When I opened the cage and held out my hands, he laid his head in my hands and had clearly perfected the sad puppy eyes - sold. He was half the weight he is now, but his ears were full size - ridiculously adorable. When I came home I put him on my bed. I imagine he had not been that comfortable in a while, if ever because he refused to budge for the next 12 hours. He is now 80 pounds of snuggles and insists on sleeping under the covers as close as possible. But my favorite thing: he SMILES every time I come home - until he finds the first toy to pick up. So here he comes, wiggling so hard he has to shut his eyes because his tail hits him in the face and teeth showing. Makes my day every day.



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