Chaco, Seattle

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Amanda and Andy saw Chaco’s picture on PetFinder, and it was love at first sight. Chocolate, now Chaco, was a 10lb, 3 month old puppy who was rescued from rocks and debris in Taiwan after his mom abandoned his litter. Since the puppy was still in Taiwan getting care from vets, we needed to wait a few weeks before he could make his world travels from Taiwan to America. We arrived at baggage claim the night we picked up Chaco and were so excited to meet our new little dog. Chocolate was so tired after his long journey, but after several good nights of sleep he gained energy and a huge appetite! Almost a year later, he is now a best friend and loyal companion. Chaco still spends time near rocks, but now it’s because he has taken up rock climbing as a hobby with Amanda and Andy. He now joins them on all of their outdoor backpacking and climbing trips in Seattle!



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