Emma , tyler

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We found Emma on Labor Day 3 years ago in a Walmart parking lot. We live in Texas so it was really hot and you could tell she was hunting for water. I picked her up and took her home immediately and feed and gave her water. She was covered in fleas and her skin looked like she had mange. I took her to the vet and she was so malnutritioned that is why he skin was acting up. She was such a good puppy and never had any accidents or made a lot of noise. Now 3 years later she has become the best companion. She is so loving and very laid back. She is very protective of our house when strangers come up but the minute we tell her it is ok she showers them with kisses. Emma's attitude in life is full of pure gratitude for us saving her and you can see how thankful she is everyday for us picking her up that day. She brightens my life every moment and I am so glad I rescued her from the unknown fate she might have had.



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