Promise, Rolla

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My long-distance fiance of four years swore to get me a dog when we were finally married. Right after our wedding, we moved across the country for his job – he’s a soldier – and I started visiting animal shelters every week to find a fuzzy someone to keep me company in our new home. Three months after moving in, I fell in love with the ugliest, stinkiest, most lovingest dog in the whole wide world. She had been found on the street, and no one came to claim her. I visited her in the shelter every day for a week, until she became adoptable and I could bring her home. Part pug, part mystery-beast, she has wrinkles, scruffles, and stinky-bad breath. But we don’t mind. Our dog loves everyone, even the vet! She wrestles with our adult friends, and lets babies pinch her wrinkly face. She even licked the veterinarian after her first shots, as if to say, “I know this hurts you more than it hurts me!” My husband named her, four years before we met her, when he gave me a ‘Promise’.



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