Maple, Genoa City

Vote For Maple
A friend posted a picture of Maple on Facebook in 2010. I wasn't really in the market for a dog, but the description said "she likes to be brushed." I thought to myself "well, shoot! I would like to have a dog who likes to be brushed!" I had a phone interview with the shelter and went to visit her the next Sunday. I sat down on an ottoman and Maple walked right up to me and put her head right in my lap...I had a new puppy! She is the smartest dog EVER. She knows the names of all her toys, the people we know and all the rooms in the house. She jumps like a skateboarder in the air to catch water from the garden hose. She's the best thing that ever happened to me! Additionally, she is incredibly HUGGABLE. In fact, I hugged the stuffin' outta her this morning before I left for work.



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