Thumper, Santa Barbara

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Thumper, along with her mother and sister, were abandoned in a field. She was only 2 weeks old. Thumper's mother was badly injured, (she later had over 1/2 a dozen surgeries to remove foxtails) and they were at risk of being put to sleep in an overcrowded shelter. DAWG offered to save the small family if a foster could be found. I agreed. When the family arrived at my home, the pups were just barely 3 weeks old. I could hold them both in the palm of my hand. As the weeks passed, Thumper already twice the size of her sister, continued to grow and thrive. And she was unbelievably both brave and sassy. She whined for attention, barked for affection and was not above biting my toes to get it. She got into everything and peed everywhere-I was instantly in love.I knew right from the beginning that this beautiful, fluffy puppy would be a member of my family. She is my best friend and constant companion and I can't imagine my life without. She is proof that amazing dogs are adopted, not bought



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