Pookie, Saint Augustine

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I went into the shelter looking for a large dog. While I was looking, my boyfriend let this teeny, puffy, sad looking little guy out of his cage. He ran right over to me, I picked him up, and kept looking for other dogs! It wasn't until my boyfriend pointed it out, that I realized how perfectly he fit in my arms. I wasn't ready to commit full time to a dog, so I left him there! 2 days later I went back to see if he was still there and he was there waiting for me.Still, I wasn't ready to commit to a dog full time so I fostered him. I had him for 2 days before someone I know said they would adopt him. I kept him for the next 6 days so he could finish his medicine,and of coarse, I fell in love with him. I begged the adopters to let me keep him and even offered them $500 for him, but they declined. They took my little man on a Friday night and I got a call on Monday morning telling me to come pick up my dog. There was an incident with the adopters, and I got my baby back!



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