Tully, Somewhere in Taiwan

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I saw Tully on Petfinder.com and they referred me to AHAN. When I found out Tully was in Taiwan I had to think long and hard about bringing a dog to the US when there are so many here that need homes. But I just KNEW she was meant to be my four legged "daughter"! Tully had a home but her owner brought her to the shelter because she became pregnant. Tully gave birth to six pups in this cold shelter shortly after being abandoned. Despite trying to feed her pups, four pups died due to illness. Tully selflessly helped to feed other motherless pups. Misfortune eventually put Tully and her pups on the list to be euthanized. But luckily just before, kind-hearted people came by to take Tully and pups to a veterinarian for treatment, albeit sadly only pup passed and Ella remained alive. Three months later, they recovered and both very healthy. Tully has been with me 2.5 years and is the absolute best companion! She’s a perfect fit! And I LOVE her soooooooo much!



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