Blue , Panama City

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We don't know much about Blue's past. The shelter told us Blue's mom was dropped off at the shelter with her puppies, their family was moving and couldn't take them. We wanted a puppy and had been looking for months, one night I logged on the website and saw this precious baby! We decided instantly we had to have him! We called the next morning only to get let down that he was in foster and the foster parents wanted to adopt. Luckily, the guy at the shelter knew the foster family and told him we were interested. They decided they would let us adopt!! We were so happy, we picked him up ASAP. Everything was perfect... then we took him to get shots and a couple days later we discovered he had a form of kennel cough. After a lot of tears, vet visits and medicine we finally had a happy, healthy puppy! Blue is now a spoiled, eight month old bulldog mix that loves to paddle board!



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