Milo, Golden Valley

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Milo was originally from Arkansas. We don't know a lot about his early life, only that he needed a loving home. He was eventually taken to a shelter, then transferred in a shipment of dogs to Minnesota in hopes of finding a forever home. One day, a young couple was searching for a dog to add to their family. They met some of the dogs in the kennel, but just weren't finding the right fit. Before they left for the night, they decided to take one last look around the room to see if there was anyone they had missed. Low and behold, a black fluff ball was waiting by the front of his kennel with the sweetest brown eyes they had ever seen. They were overjoyed - he was everything they had been looking for in a dog! Just before adoption, there were a few hiccups; there was a parvo virus scare, but thankfully Milo was immune. He also showed submissive behavior & a fear of some men, but once he got home with his family he warmed up! He now has a BIG happy personality and we love him for it!



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