Jesse, Unionville

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Jesse was originally from a kill shelter in Tennessee. Thankfully before his time ran out, Lamancha, a non-kill shelter located in Pennsylvania, rescued him. I adopted Jesse on August 16, 2014. One look at him was all it took. Lamancha staff had done an incredible job helping Jesse to rehabilitate. But because of his previous traumatic experiences, Jesse was one of the saddest dogs I saw. He was underweight, beat up, and scared of everything. The night I brought Jesse home, he spent almost all of his time hiding in his crate even though I left the door of the crate purposefully open. But, Jesse proved to be courageous and willing to love. He started coming out of his shell day by day. Although he has only been in the family for less a month, Jesse has made incredible progress. He has learned his name and several commands. Most of all, he has become best friends with my other dog, Gracie, whom I rescued 3 years ago. Jesse is truly an amazing dog! (Jesse is on the left, Gracie the right)



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