Ripley, West Palm Beach

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I always grew up with dogs and when I moved in with my now husband we talked about getting one. We went to Peggy Adams Rescue in search of our new family member. When we walked into the room all of the dogs started barking and carrying on...all but one. I walked up to Ripley's cage and she just sat there looking at me. There wasn't much of a back story except they thought she was 11 months old and she was abandoned by her previous family. I stuck my hand in her cage and she immediately put her paw in my hand. She was our new pup! There was evidence (physical & mental) of abuse. She was very hand shy and skittish around men but immediately knew that we were her furever home. We worked with her to trust of others and while she still has a few moments of timidness, she has come a long way. I cannot imagine our lives without her!



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