Josh, Warner Robins

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This is Josh! Josh was born with a condition that caused his right eye to not produce tears or open all the way. His original family did not provide the medical treatment needed to take care of his condition. Though he was a bouncy active puppy they also kept him crated most of the time and he did not have a proper amount of time spent with him. During this time his little eye got worse and worse and eventually sealed shut, infected. Rather than a vet trip, he was surrendered to the Humane Society of Houston County and it was determined that he would lose the eye. A week before his surgery we saw a photo of him and his story on petfinder and fell in love. We met him once, applied and were then lucky enough to take this little fella home a week after surgery. We have since moved to Asheville, North Carolina and Josh has gone from little neglected puppy to a hiking, tubing, and snow trekking graduate of trick training class and a well known canine ambassador at the petsmart I work at.



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