Reilly, Sterling

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Reilly was born a stray on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico, where a devastating number of abandon their pets, leaving them to die- hence the name. A rescue group scooped Reilly up and flew him to Massachusetts. Meanwhile, as a little girl, I had always dreamed of having a dog. I asked for one every holiday, and endlessly drew and dreamed of dogs. I grew up, went to college, got a job, but something was missing. It was time to find my dog. I saw a picture of Reilly online- he had floppy ears and big paws. I knew he was the one, and got him the day he went up for adoption. He moved to Boston with me, and we became inseparable. We were made for each other. I spoiled him rotten- I even bought him a bow tie collar because it looked so dapper on him. Later, going through my old things, I found a drawing I had done when I was was a dog, with floppy ears, big paws, a bow tie collar, and it was labled, "my dog." Somehow, I had known Reilly and I would find each other all along.



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