Luna, New Britian

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I saw Luna's picture online on a Wednesday. Her eyes called to me from the screen, saying, "Please don't let them put me down." It was as if she knew she was on death row. You see, Luna suffered from Black Dog Syndrome, a sad reality wherein black shelter dogs get passed over for lighter colored pups. Luna was scheduled to be euthanized and we couldn't let that happen. My husband, our three kids, our Shih Tzu Rosie, and I went up to meet her. Luna was sweet & submissive, lying on her belly to get eye to eye with Rosie, lying on her back so that the five of us could pet her soft belly and the moon-like white fur on her mostly black chest. We fell in love. Luna has some quirks that we know stem from her time on the streets. She quivers in thunderstorms, seeking shelter where tshe can find it. She hesitates to approach us when we’ve been away, fearing we've changed our minds and no longer love her. But mostly her eyes now seem so say, 'Thank you. I love you, too."



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