Lincoln, Ogden

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Lincoln was born on July 1st 2012 in a small town of Leamington, UT. He was one of a large litter of 13 Australian Shepherd puppies. He was a rowdy boy with so much energy! When Lincoln was about 7 months old, he developed a barking problem. He barked so much that the neighbors called and complained that he was too noisy. No matter what we tried, Lincoln would not stop. So we found a new home for Lincoln with horses and many acres of land for him to run and play, and no neighbors to hear him bark. Lincoln loved it there, but was too rowdy for their little kids and after a while he ended up having to get rid of him. One day, 6 months later, I was browsing the animal shelter's dogs they had available for adoption.. and there he was, I could recognize that face out of a thousand other dogs. My heart was broken to know my baby boy was in a shelter, so I went and got him. As soon as he saw me, I knew something clicked. We have had him back for a year now. He is one happy boy. He is HOME. <3



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