Huckleberry, Trinidad

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When I was thirteen I saw a litter of Australian Shepherd puppies at a county fair and fell In love with a little blue merl boy. For almost ten years I fantasized about my future pup. I wanted a full bred blue merl Aussie with one brown eye and one blue eye. When the time came I looked in shelters hoping for some luck but I was not finding the dog in my head so I was going to start finding a breeder. Before I gave up I found a little white Aussie mix on pet finder. He wasn't the blue doggy in my head. He was a baby mutt and I didn't know what he would grow up to be. But I was drawn to him so I drove for 8 hours round trip to Trinidad to get him. They put him in my arms and the adoption was over fast, I was worried! I wasn't sure if I knew what I was getting in to. But on the car ride home he bonded with me right away. He loved me even though he didn't know me because he believed in me. I learned a bit about life that day and appreciating what it gives you. He taught me to have faith.



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