Daffy, Blackwood

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I stopped as soon as I saw her on PetFinder.com. A brindle and white terrier mix named “Jenny” had been at the shelter twice. The first time was because her family didn’t take care of her and she was emaciated. The second time was because the family that adopted her just brought her back for no apparent reason. I stared at the picture of her with Santa and could see the sadness in her eyes. “She” had also written a letter to Santa, which I read with tears in my eyes. “Santa, I was so sad when my new family had to leave me back at the Shelter. I loved being in a real home and I was a very good girl. Can you please bring another family for Christmas, one that will never leave me? I will give them kisses and love every single day!” My mind was pretty much made up. We were going to be that family.



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