Evie and Wallie, Harrisburg

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When I contacted Castaway Critters here in Pennsylvania about adopting Evie, my ideal dog - a seven-year old corgi mix described as a teddy bear, her foster asked if I’d consider taking another. You see, Denise was fostering a small two-year old boy believed to be Evie’s son; they came from the same hoarding case in West Virginia. Oh dear, two dogs? For the last 19 years, I’d only ever cared for one pet, my beloved newly passed cat Didjeradoo. On top of that, I now live with my elderly Mama and Papa. Mama has dementia, Papa is always busy around the house and I work full-time. Could we handle it? “You won’t regret it,” Denise said. I broached the subject with my Papa, feeling like a nervous teenager asking to stay out late and get a raise in her allowance at the same time. I opened the laptop and showed him Wallie’s picture under which Denise had written, “I will love you more than you can possibly imagine!” And he does. And Evie does. And we do. Forever now.



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