Toby, El Segundo

Vote For Toby
Toby was left at the shelter in a deplorable condition. He suffered neglect and abuse and was to be put down since his condition was so extreme. He was taken out of the shelter and nursed back to health. Once it was time for socialization he was brought to a rescue fundraising event. That’s where this proud Momma comes in. I had NO intention of getting a dog, but was easily persuaded into “just ONE night”. Toby spent the night observing and quiet - His little body snuggled close as he slept next to me. I couldn’t part with him. The next day he needed to go to adoptions. Instead we showed up together so I could sign his adoption papers. It’s been the best 4½ years of my life. Toby has adjusted better to strangers. He goes to daycare and loves to play with his puppy friends! He’s smart and knows many commands. Certain sounds still terrify him, but his nightmares have subsided. I cannot imagine life without him. Everyday my heart leaps more and more with how much love I have for him!



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