Vote For Harper
CNWH rescues dogs from high kill shelters and foster them until they find a forever home. There was an adoption event nearby and I went to check it out not expecting to find a dog. When I saw Harper (formally Disney) in the arms of his foster dad, I fell in love! I immediately developed a bond with him and was in love, we both were. The foster dad denied many people who wanted him. Luckily, I wasn’t denied. Without discussing with my husband, I brought him home that day. At first, my husband was a little upset, but that didn’t last long, he fell in love immediately. Harper has brought us so much closer and has filled that void in our lives. I cannot imagine our lives without him. He has taught us so much since he has been in our family. He taught us how to love unconditionally, work as a team, live in the present, find balance in life, and to how to make everyday special. He has made us find our purpose in life which was to rescue him and give him the family and life he deserv



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